Who is the CCIO Leaders Network for?

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An interesting discussion arose between the CCIO Leaders Network advisory panel about whose needs the CCIO Leaders Network actually serves? Given the limited number of CCIOs that have currently been appointed, a network for CCIOs alone would be somewhat small and certainly wouldn't reflect the almost 1500 people who have joined the network currently and nigh on 700 people who have attended CCIO events to date.

This begs the question 'Who is the CCIO Leaders Network for?' - EHI is anxious that the Network be the sum of its members and that its agenda should be determined between peers and colleagues rather than from on high. As such, we invite your contributions in shaping an answer to this question.


  • @rtodd @wai2k @johnlockley @johoeksma @jackbarker @pshannon I'd be interested to know your thoughts on how we should be defining the CCIO Leaders Network. How big is its reach? Is it for people practising a CCIO like role or for those who have an interest in information? There's a big difference, I'm sure you'll agree
  • The best social networks just grow, so I'd leave it open to anyone who thinks they'd like to hear/contribute to what's going on.
  • @pshannon I agree, but there was some concern that the name 'ccio' would put people off if they were clinicians with an interest in information. FYI, I favour making it more inclusive so would like to make sure this is communicated to people.
  • I think it should be wider and inclusive, you need to capture those who could be CCIO's of the future. Not just those in senior positions now, but whose organsiation hasn't quite got there yet, but those who have the drive and passion to take this agenda forward as they themselves develop. It's also useful to have an open and inclusive forum as you tend to get much better transparent debate and the removal of positional boundaries will be key to this.
  • I agree with Mandy. We need to include the CCIOs of the future. I suspect our remit should be for "those informaticians who are of CCIO /clinical_lead_in_informatics status OR SIMILAR". In other words, we shouldn't require members of the network to be the holder of a specific post -- but we should expect that members of the network will be working in, or towards, this sort of activity.
  • One phrase that has come up again and again is 'a network of networks'. What we've seen is that there of pockets of interest up and down the country and groups of clinicians who are already tackling issues around the use of information. Part of the objective of this network is to provide a link between disparate smaller networks that allows clinicians to share best practice, ways of solving particular problems and connecting across disciplines.
  • I agree with @MandyHollis that this network needs to be open to current and future CCIOs and anyone who has a particular interest in how we can improve patient safety and efficiencey through informatics and especially through greater leadership. Clinicians from all stages of their careers and training are equals in this network which I hope will make it as inclusive as possible
  • This is all so encouraging.
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