Having a debate at CCIO Conference

The chair of the CCIO Leaders Network Advisory Panel Dr Wai Keong @wai2k has suggested that the CCIO National conference include a debate.

Suggested topics include:

Trying to work with 'agile' in the NHS is impossible
Is NHS IT procurement broken and what can be do about it?
Debate: NHS IT should look more like an iOS or Android device?
Debate: In-house software developement vs of the shelve products (CCIOs to come from the panel)
Debate: CCIOs need more technical knowledge
How would NHS IT look like if it was run by Apple
How to share best practice in NHS IT?
What does an intelligent buyer of IT systems look like?
Tips for success with working with software vendors

What topic do people think would be best for a good, lively debate for the event?


  • Why so much focus on Apple? The NHS is too much of a closed system already without locking its code away completely. I wonder if a debate title might be "Open source options are always preferable to closed systems, so this Conference mandates interoperability over all other considerations."
  • Working with Agile in the NHS is not impossible. Agile is SMART and if Agile methods are adopted for NHS IT, in conjunction with Lean QA, then there will be true Value For Money. However, Agile sits very well with software and systems development so it is likely that any software Suppliers for NHS IT, will most probably have already adopted Agile methods, such as SCRUM.
  • @Duncan: The focus of using Apple was intentional for two reasons 1) Doctors disproportionately own iOS devices more than Android 2) I've heard some people see Apple's 'app store' model and rich APIs as a potential model for developing health IT especially in the coming era personal health records. Opensource is a potential topic highly interests me and I think is a great idea!

    @Sam: I'm afraid you have completely lost me with all those abbreviations. The statement that it is 'impossbile to do Agile' in the NHS did not originate from me but from a software development team working with the NHS. Their comments was there no one wants to make decisions in the NHS quickly and decisions often need to be referred to committees. This just takes too long.

  • It would be good to make sure that the debate related to the CCIO role.

    I like the Apple analogy with a focus on a designing for usability focus on end users level. Maybe this could be a focus for a debate.

    Or we could debate every trust needs a CCIO for and against.

    The tighter the focus the better
  • From my perspective the technologies are out their, it is the engagement that can be the issue to drive service delivery forward. We are constantly being told by suppliers 'we can do that' or 'we can get that to work' but when when we bring them to the hocky they fail to deliver. Clinicians soon loose faith in IT when it does not work has sold! Agree with @DEnright: If NHS IT was like Apple then it would work first time, but then would it work with other systems in social care or the 3rd sector
  • I'd like to see a debate about the remit of the CCIO. Is it just about the procurement of clinical systems, which seems to take much of the focus, or is it about other techology that can help clinicians to communicate with each other and with patients, share best practice, access training/educational tools etc. This of course, is as well as the procurement and development of clinical systems. In summary, from my perspective, a good CCIO would be an advocate for the wider use of technology in healthcare and a debate about this would be really interesting, especially to see the views of current CCIO's and to hear about how they would/could take this forward.
  • @mandyhollis @paulthephysio @wai2k @sam @denright I think there are a few ways to cut this one - do you have a view?

    Technology advocate1 - “Is the role of a CCIO to be a technology advocate?”
    Technology advocate 2 - "How can a CCIO best be a technology advocate?"
    Leadership - “What type of leader does a CCIO need to be?”
    Remit - “What is the remit of a CCIO?”
  • @jhoeksma - "Is the role of the CCIO to help other clinicians to use digital to become better clinicians?"
  • @wai2k Hi Wai Keong -- I know what you are driving at but is that clear enough? Concerned that the use digital message might confuse some how about being more assumptive

    "How can CCIOs help colleagues use digital technologies to be better clinicians"
  • @Jhoeksma

    I'm wondering if we can find some succinct way of wrapping Technology Advocate 2 and Leadership together. My rationale is that a passionate leader, who believes in the power of technology, will by default be an advocate, which I think is a key function of the CCIO.

  • Agree @MandyHollis we need to try and wrap Advocate 2 with Leadership together or provide a sustainable link. The issue for me is are we asking for a jack of all trades, and master of nun, clinical background, technical knowledge? I think we agree a clinical background is the key therefore @jhoelsma question "How can a CCIO best be a technology advocate?" may be in the they vision of the organisation is taken forward and therefore the CCIO can support that vision and enable clinicians to engage!
  • Potential Topics for debate: That this house believes that
    "'bean counting' in the NHS is becoming detrimental to improvements in the 'point of care' of individual patients"
    "in NHS-IT better quality paper should precede further digitalisation"
  • If Apple were to run NHS-IT I feel sure that they would focus on 'Point of Care' and maybe provide their magnificent One to One Personal Project assistance to clinicians struggling with all they need to know about IT
  • Hi thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions -- we've now published the programme for the CCIO National Conference and the debate, now being run as a panel Q&A at 3.30pm on Tuesday, 6 November.

    Panel Q&A: How much of the leadership role of a CCIO is about enabling colleagues to use digital technologies to become better clinicians?

    In the chair is Dr Wai Keong Wong, chair of the CCIO Leaders Network Advisory Panel and specialist registrar in haemotology, Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

    Alongside Dr Wai Keong we have a terrific panel of CCIOs from the UK, US and Germany lined up:

    Dr William Lumb, CCIO, NHS Cumbria
    Dr Rhidian Bramley, CCIO, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
    Fiona Stephens, director clinical quality, Medway Community Healthcare CIC
    Dr Paul Altmann, CCIO, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
    Dr Sajjad Yacoob, director of medical informatics, Children's Hospital Los Angeles
    Anne Cooper, national clinical lead for nursing, Department of Health Informatics Directorate
    Dr Jonathan Richardson, clinical director of informatics, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

    Book now for the CCIO National Conference at EHI Live 2012:
  • @Jhoeksma

    Meant to also add that by being an advocate of how technology benefits healthcare, this implies that the remit is all technologies. To paraphrase a colleague, it is about advocating 'the art of the possible', so including EPR's, telehealth, social media. It's about technology to support healthcare, knowledge sharing, engagement and communication with patients and with colleagues. Just to mention a few examples. The remit question is to ensure that
  • @jhoeksma

    Sorry, the previous comment was written some time ago, but when I went back in today found it still sat there. A bit out of date as programme published but hit post comment by accident. Hey ho, finger failure at it's best! Looking forward to the event though.
  • We are looking at having a tweet wall up in the conference so that should anyone have a question but not want to stand up and ask it, you will be able to tweet it instead and the chair will read it out. We think this will make the session even more interactive
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